Baphometis (baphometis) wrote in sacred_power,

Babylonian Rep Here.

Hey Y'all.

It's cool to see some reps from "The Black Building" (underworld) in the house.

I have been observing/working with "power exchange" in spiritual practice for a little over a decade.  Here in the "Red Building" (Archetypical Sacred Whoredom)  it seems pretty common  for employees to be able to be serviceable in *both* capacities (Top/Bottom, Dominant /Submissive) regardless of *personal* preference.

"Power Exchange"  is  part of the  Ordeal  Path  section of  the Enlightenment  Wheel, obviously.  Physical sensation (Whether that is pain, restraint, or other possible body experiences) is only the *tip* of the proverbial iceberg. This "stuff" can make for the stuff of altered states- a combination of the experiences of  the body *and* mind.

What I am getting at, is that Lady Babylon is steering me towards exploring BDSM in "Temple Space" as a form of ritual theatre.  Anyone else interested in such things here?

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