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Babylonian Rep Here.

Hey Y'all.

It's cool to see some reps from "The Black Building" (underworld) in the house.

I have been observing/working with "power exchange" in spiritual practice for a little over a decade.  Here in the "Red Building" (Archetypical Sacred Whoredom)  it seems pretty common  for employees to be able to be serviceable in *both* capacities (Top/Bottom, Dominant /Submissive) regardless of *personal* preference.

"Power Exchange"  is  part of the  Ordeal  Path  section of  the Enlightenment  Wheel, obviously.  Physical sensation (Whether that is pain, restraint, or other possible body experiences) is only the *tip* of the proverbial iceberg. This "stuff" can make for the stuff of altered states- a combination of the experiences of  the body *and* mind.

What I am getting at, is that Lady Babylon is steering me towards exploring BDSM in "Temple Space" as a form of ritual theatre.  Anyone else interested in such things here?

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For some of us it's all we do - definitions of both "ritual theatre" and "temple space" being rather fluid...
To me, the "temple space" has to do with the *intent* and *energy set up*.

The *ritual theatre* is more about the theatrical context and set up. For instance, attendance of an Alice Cooper show could very well qualify as a "ritual theatre" experience. The Orpheum and it's stage would not technically qualify as a "temple space" during the concert, aside from in the purely metaphorical sense.

What I *should* have asked is if anyone on this forum has made a dedicated effort to employ threatrical techniques to their temple power play.
Other than the acknowledgement that I do understand where you're coming from I'd still make the suggestion that any time you have ritual with more than one person involved (and arguably even then) or where the ritual involves any sort of physical action you have "ritual theatre."
I guess our standards are a bit different because of context.

To me, moving a candle from point "A" to point "B" can be a "theatrical action". However, the fact that someone saw me do it does not make it so. What makes it so is context- from purpose to the "dressing" of it.

Someone reciting a poem they wrote in circle does not automatically make them a bard. The energy has to be there- the skill has to be in practice.

I find that effective ritual theatre generally does not happen by accident. Like its secular counter part, it takes practice, creativity and a certain amount of skill.

But now you're changed from "ritual theatre" to "effective ritual theatre" - and it's coming from a different direction that I would have done so. Basically that when you have created temple space and are performing ritual it is by it's very nature sacred theatre for whomever is watching - not at the very least, the Divine.
Well, I guess we'll just have to let the studio audience come to their on conclusions on this one. In any case, I'm all for the concious study and *improvement* of the use of ritual theatrics in Power Play, and it's nice to know i'm not alone!
No, and you're most certainly not alone.
You are certainly speaking my language!
I'd love to collaborate at some point.
I'd love to hear about your current projects sometime!

"What I *should* have asked is if anyone on this forum has made a dedicated effort to employ threatrical techniques to their temple power play."

With the qualification that most of those I work with don't explicitly understand themseles to be in Temple space - and I have limited access currently to people who would join with me in that understanding - yes. Lighting, sound control and misdirection - whatever it takes to create a cosmos around my client that is effective for the purpose.
I am sadly lacking in opportunity in my neck of the woods to put any of this great stuff into action. I am always interested in hearing what others are up to, though.